Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Ahead of the Socialeyes 5th Birthday at Corsica Studios next Saturday 28th May, headliner Sei A chats to Socialeyes main man, Robin Ball.... enjoy

Q: You currently reside in London but you are originally from Glasgow. How has Glasgow influenced your musical style? 

A:  Glasgow has a great variety of electronic nights/artists for such a small City. Every weekend there was always something on. With the slight industrial feel to the City, and the long winters… I think that all helps with the production tip.

Q: Why did you move to London?

A:  I moved to London for various reasons - change of scene, moving in with my girlfriend, having family and close friends here and also the change in climate - Glasgow seems to be permanently Grey.

Q: You released a great LP “White Rainbow” on Turbo Recordings at the end of 2010 how did this come to be released on Tiga’s Turbo Recording?

A:  Tiga had heard my first Album on Parisian Label ‘Missive’. He supported pretty much half of the album and about a year after its release, his brother Thomas got in touch about doing the second Album on Turbo.

Q: How and why did you get into electronic music?

A:  I studied music at College then University. I started to mess about with the machines during studies and everything I was doing through the courses seemed pretty irrelevant to what I really wanted to do – Production. From there I started my own production name and began to release music and play out.

Q:  At your gigs do you play records, CDs or are you computer based?

A: When I’m dj’ing I’m CD based.

Q: In a club situation what do you think works better, a live performance or a dj?

A: I definitely think DJ’ing works better. When you’re doing a live performance with Techno etc, I sometimes feel you’re limited to what you can offer. If the crowd isn’t feeling it - it’s much easier to scope out what works and what doesn’t while DJ’ing.

Q: Do you use any hardware in your production or is it all made on computer?

A:  I’m mainly all Software based. When living in Glasgow I was half hardware - half software but studio space at the moment is only slightly limiting.

Q: What other releases and projects are you working on?

A:  I’m currently working on 2 new EP’s for Turbo, one of which is a release with a Midland remix. There’s talk of the third Album but at the moment I prefer to not think about an Album based project. I think if the whole Album idea is over thought it can take away some of the natural process with the thought of it being forced out. There’s also talk of a new collaboration with someone but I think that’s all I can about that for the time being :o) 

Q: What are your ambitions for the future?

A:  To compose music to a full film script. I’ve been working with small scripts/short films but I’m looking for the next step.                    

Q: What makes a good party for you?

A:  Good sound system, good tunes, friends & beer.           

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