Sunday, 22 May 2011

An attempted interview with High Rankin

Ahead of his gig at the Socialeyes 5th Birthday on 28th  May High Rankin talks absolute rubbish to us :o)
Q:  How would you best sum up High Rankin?

A:  A waste of time, effort and biscuits.

Q:  For people who don’t know of you what tracks would you like them to search out so they can best get an idea of what High Rankin is about? 
A:  Ideally some of the ones I made before I sold out for a quick buck off the man.  Perhaps some pre-2007 DNB. When I was a fresh faced young lad ready for the world and not scared with wounds of the world.

Q: You are well known for being diverse in your production style, blurring boundaries between bass music and beyond, we at Socialeyes hail you for this! Can we hope to hear you pushing more boundaries in the future?

A: I am currently in a dispute over a hedge which I feel is too far over a clear boundary between mine and my neighbor’s allotment.

Does the fact you are known for different styles of music complicate things when it comes to choosing what to play at your gigs?

A: I find if you stick to the 10 ten brostep tracks off Beatport most people are happy.

Q: As well as your unique music productions , your moustache, dress style and humor seem to be a big part of the High Rankin persona do you think it’s important for an artist to stand out from the rest?

  Well they say the clothes make the man. It also distracts people away from my terrible mixing.

Q: For the Socialeyes 5th birthday we have Justin Robertson playing in the other room from you and he also sports a fine moustache, are you up for a tache off?

A: If he wants a fight I’ll take him out the back and we can do the man dance.

Q: Do you get time to listen to other music and if so what music do you take inspiration from?

 A: David Grey, Huey Lewis and the new, Katie Waisel.

  What else in life gives you inspiration?

A: My firend James Pryor. He's terminally retarded yet always has a smile on his face.

Q: How does your production process work?

A: It pretty much starts and ends in tears. What happens in between I couldn’t possibly comment on.

Q: As a dj do you play records, cds or are you computer based?

 A: Mainly old 78's and wax cylinders.

  What makes a good party for you?

A: Beak, slosh pots and an early night.

  What projects and are you working on at the moment?

A: I'm hopefully getting my own talk show on a daytime digital channel but I can't really say any more than that.

Q: Do you have anything else to say to us?

A: Yeah, if you trample mud and dog shit over my mum’s carpet again, my dad will come round and break your dad’s legs.


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