Thursday, 26 May 2011


Warming us up for his gig at the Socialeyes 5th birthday this Saturday Jakwob takes time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions

Q: You have come to fame through your big remixes for other artists but just recently you have put out  your first Jakwob single and your forthcoming release has just been aired on radio 1, are you pleased with the results and what reaction are you getting from your fans?

A: I’m very happy with the response, in fact, it’s been pretty overwhelming. I’m glad that radio and fans are still on board.

Q: What other projects and releases are you working on at the moment? Can we expect to see a Jakwob album in the future?

A: I’m currently working on an album which is due for release early 2012. There’s another single on the way soon too!

Q: Your first release was on your own “Boomting” label, will your new material be on there as well and will anyone else be recording for this label?

A: We’re currently working with a few different artists on material for release through Boomting. My album and the rest of my singles will be released through Boomting Recordings / Mercury Records.

Q: I believe you are writing music for other artists is this a role you are comfortable in and will you be doing more of this in the future?

A: Yes, I’m writing with lots of different people and I like to constantly challenge myself by working with people from lots of different backgrounds and genres. 

Q: How does your production process work and how does the process differ when writing for someone else?

A: It’s a very similar creative process. The latter just requires more focus on what the artist wants to do.

Q: Do you get time to listen to other styles of music and if so what music do you take inspiration from?

A: I always have the time to listen to music. I’m in a studio practically 24/7. I listen to anything and everything.


Q: You have made your name as a dubstep producer can we expect to see you covering any other styles of music in the future?

A: Yes, it’s going to be an interesting journey through the next few singles and the album. Dubstep is just part of a larger sound that we’ll be releasing over the coming months.

Q: At your dj gigs do you play just dubstep or do you get to vary the style you play at some events?

A: I usually just play straight dubstep, some drum and bass and reggae, but in the coming months I’ll be switching it up even more with a lot more minimal dub, hip-hop and funky.

Q: As a dj do you play records, cds or are you computer based?

A: When I DJ, I use CDs. I used to use vinyl but it was too impractical on long-haul gigs.

Q: If you were going to have a night off and go out to a gig which artist or dj would you like to hear?

A: I would go see Niki & The Dove, again.

Q: What makes a good party for you?

A: Good friends and good music.

Q:  What are your ambitions for the future?

A: To write music that will inspire others.
Interview by Robin Ball


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