Friday, 20 August 2010

Socialeyes @ Corsica Studios 25/09 with with Funk D Void / Silicone Soul / Justin Robertson / Elite Force / Tayo / Robin Ball

This is the second event at Corsica Studios, the last night was a winner and I hope you’ll agree this line up is great!

Saturday 25th September 2010 
at Corsica Studios

Groove Pleasure Room
Techno, House, Electro & Disco
Funk D Void / Silicone Soul / Justin Robertson / Robin Ball

Groovepressure Room
Dubstep , Breaks, Beats & bass 
Elite Force / Tayo / Robin Beats

10pm – 6am @ Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London, SE17 1LB 
Nearest tube: Elephant & Castle

Early Bird £8 / Advance & Student £10 / on the door £13


Friday, 13 August 2010

Terry Francis Interview

Q: You’ve been in this game a long time; please explain what got you hooked on the idea of being a dj?
A: I'd always collected records and loved music and this bikers bar I knew had a basement and decks and they asked me to do a night in there, it became really popular, then someone asked me to play on the South Coast, which lead to playing at Sterns and it all carried on from there.
Q: What dj’s were you listening to before you took up the headphones?
A: David Rodigan, Paul Trouble Anderson, John Peel, Kiss FM when it was a pirate station and Solar Radio.
Q: As a dj you are well known for your clean fluid mixing style, was this the way your heroes played and do your current favorites play in this style, or could you also be impressed by a more cut and paste, chop it up style?
A: I’m not really into the cut and paste style; I prefer music to have a bit more flow.  I was going to listen to Eddie Richards and he blew me away, we had very similar taste in music at the time and he is still my current favorite today.
Q: If you were going to have a night off and go out to a club which artist / dj would you like to hear?
A: I'd go and see Sasse, Eddie Richards obviously, Andrew Weatherall, or I'd just go to one of my mates parties in London such as Kerfuffle and have fun with my friends.
Q: In 1997 you won Muzik Magazines ''Best New DJ'' Award” which I know changed things dramatically in your career, but I always remember when I was abroad dj’ing in places that Muzik Magazine wasn’t as well known, people knew you for a mix cd that you had released, I think it was on Pagan, can you tell us more about that release?
A: It was called ‘Architecture’.  At the time most of the music out there was wishy washy disco loops or banging techno so I think it was different and went down well, it caught peoples imagination as I think there was need for something a bit different at the time.
Q: You celebrated 16 years of Wiggle parties this year! I remember going to an early Wiggle party and it sticks in my mind as being exactly what acid house was and is all about, a good sound system, dark warehouse and deep tech house sounds! How did the Wiggle parties come about and what is your favorite Wiggle moment?
A: At the time in the early 90's when Kiss FM had become a commercial radio station, they had taken over London with the same old DJs, so we decided to do a night in an old warehouse to bring back a bit of a vibe which the underground crowd appreciated.  The Wiggle name comes from my friend Tobi, her Dad used to call her My Little Wiggle when she was younger and Nathan and I thought it a fun name for a fun party.  As for my favorite Wiggle moment there are far too many for me to put down here ;o)
Q: There have been some releases lately by you and Klunk on Wiggle Recordings, is this a new partnership and can we be expecting more music from you soon?
A: Yes my partner Klunk and I have been making music under the moniker Klunk & Zilly.  We have done a few remixes for various labels and we are starting up a label to release our own music and remixes we've done for other people.
Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a fabric resident?
A: I'm blessed to be able to play at fabric, it’s a forward thinking club musically and it’s in my home town - I also met my girlfriend Sassie there.
Q: All the rooms at fabric have a different musical and atmospheric vibe, which do you prefer to play in and why?
A: It’s great to be able to play different styles in different rooms which you wouldn't get the opportunity to do at many other places so I like them all really.
Q: Obviously having to be at fabric every Saturday means you don’t get to travel as much as you used to, do you miss the weekends away playing at different clubs around the world? Or is it nice not to have to spend hours in airports and hotel rooms?
A: I still travel every Friday and I take the odd Saturday out to play other places, I’m enjoying travelling at the moment.
Q: Obviously you are known for your house and techno sets but are there any other styles of dance music you like? Do you ever get to play an alternative set?
A: Every now and then I do a funk and soul set, but only if I’m asked by mates really.
Q: As a dj do you play records, cds or are you computer based?
A:   At the moment I’m playing with cds as when I’m travelling its easier, but I still play vinyl at fabric sometimes and will be switching over to Traktor soon
Q: What makes a good party for you?

A: Good music!
Interview by Robin Ball
 Terry joins Justin Robertson and Robin Ball for the 6th Socialeyes Boat Party this Saturday 14-08-10 in London, the after party is at Corsica Studios with Matt Tolfrey. Tickets from;

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sasha Mix - UK exclusive

Groove Pleasure is proud to present the latest in the series of mixes on Samurai FM comes from the legendary SASHA!!!  click HERE to listen to a UK exclusive mix from this world class DJ

The Socialeyes Boat Party is back! On Saturday 14th August with Terry Francis, Justin Robertson, Matt Tolfrey and Robin Ball

The Socialeyes boat party is back again this summer and setting sail on the great waves of the River Thames on (what will hopefully be) a balmy Saturday evening in August, where you can listen to the sublime sounds of the Socialeyes dj’s whilst taking in the beautiful sights of London as we sail by into the sunset and into the night with one of the most fun parties in town.

Last years boat party was the best yet! Justin Robertson did us proud with a perfect mix of Balearic, acid house, tech and disco sounds. It was so good in fact that we’ve asked him back! And last year we couldn’t get enough of the sounds, the sail and the good times, so this year we’ve added another 90 minutes onto the sailing time and brought another world class dj into the fold; Fabric resident Terry Francis! And on top of that we've secured an exclusive after party at Corsica Studios in London to take us through to 6am with special guest Matt Tolfrey.

So expect quality house, techno, electro & disco with some well chosen classics; good vibes; good people; and definitely a better way to party.

AND After Party

SATURDAY 14th August 2010
6pm to 6am (including after party)

Part 1 Boat Party
With Terry Francis, Justin Robertson, Robin Ball
Meet at Festival Pier, London, SE1 8XZ, @ 6pm till Midnight
Nearest Tube / train: Waterloo.

Part 2 Afterparty @ Corsica Studios
With Matt Tolfrey and Robin Ball
4/5 Elephant Road, London
SE17 1LB, start 12am, finish, 6am.

Tel: 07956 375370

£25 tickets for entry to both boat and after party
£8 tickets for after party
Tickets available from;

The Socialeyes boat party as always is a non-profit event, we’re just in it for the love.

Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.