Thursday, 28 October 2010

Time for the Advent

Ahead of his live UK gig @ Corsica Studios on the 5th November techno legend The Advent discusses how he started out in music, the state of the scene today and his inspirations and ambitions in music.

Q: As a true ambassador for techno what is your opinion of the techno scene in 2010?

A: MMMM, good Question! I think techno as it's true pure form, for me has been diluted into to many sub genre's which is a shame, I hear a lot more known djs & artists playing deeper "tech house" rather than the more pumping techno from the past, which for me is lacking in the energy that techno originally brought to the club, of course it depends on the artist & release. Some new artists are maintaining that energy that I personally call techno, like Legotech. Sash Carassi, Spirakos & Steen, Len Faki & Audio Injection to name a few, so there are a few that I am into and would play their music, but most of the other known artists & labels I’m not really into these days. Hopefully in 2011 that energy "wake up call" will return back into techno.

Q: At the beginning of your career you studied sound engineering at college and then moved on to work in a studio. Has this been a big influence on the way you make music?

A: This was my introduction into the music industry! Starting as an assistant sound engineer and working my way up the ladder was a good way to start working with a lot of artists, mostly rock music for the first year but the second year I got more involved with the early house artists and from this point (1987) I was completely hooked on house on techno. I learned a lot between 1986 and 1988 from some of the early pioneer's of Chicago & Detroit like Finger inc, Adonis & Derrick May, TO MENTION A FEW!!

Q: Do you get time to listen to other music and if so what music do you take inspiration from?

A: Yes I do get the chance from time to time to listen to promos but they don't inspire me to make music, usually what gets me ticking is a good weekend playing in front of a 500 club or a 30,000 festival, and seeing how the crowd react to my music, this inspires me to make music the following week, it's my Addiction! 

Q:  What else in life gives you inspiration to make music?

A: Life itself of course, you know sometimes you have a good day and sometimes you have a bad day so the music has it's ups & downs as well, all good inspiration is from life!!

Q: If you were going to have a night off and go out to a club which artist / dj would you like to hear?

A:  That’s a hard one as I haven't been to see a dj in a long time, for the last 15 years I’ve been back & forth from London so on my days off I’m usually spending time with my kids and the other weekends I’m always away Performing at events, if I’m on the same line up as another artist / act I haven't heard for a while I usually stay a few hours at the event, as a posed to going straight back to the hotel, the last people I heard were Dave Clarke and the Space DJ'z at Nature One in Germany.

Q: You have recently had a release on Advanced Intelligence, is this your label?

A: Yes it's a new label I started with Ricardo AKA Industrialyzer, for our deeper & slower side. In today’s scene I think it's good to expand your variety in music production, it doesn't always have to be one sided, so the label "AI" is to focus on another side of our music styles.

Q:  What projects and releases are you working on at the moment?

A: Recently I have finished quite a few projects some are actually out in November: 
Pig & Dan "Addiction EP" The Advent & Industrialyzer remix and Tom Hades remix on his "Rhythm Convert-ed" label. Also I just completed an EP for label "1605" which is one of UMEK's and there’s a new Kombintaion Research release on the way "KR034" The Advent Vs Minimalrome which has two nice electro tracks on there. There’s a new CodeWorks & Advanced Intelligence release "Jonestown EP" which was a concept we had about the Jones town Massacre". In 2011 there will be a lot more projects to look out for!

Q: In the past you have recorded a more house sound under the name G Flame, is there any chance we will hear more house style releases in the future?

A: MM, Good question. Well after leaving our contract with London Records / FFRR me and my ex production partner Colin Mc Bean decided to move to another label also run by the same A&R that signed us to FFRR, now he was based at BMG/Metalbox, which for us was a great way to start something New: "GFlame & Mr G", this was a time before tech house exploded, so we used Elements from house into techno and vice versa, unfortunately after 6 12'" EP's and one Album we decide to stop, only a few months later Colin wanted to carry on as Mr G as he had departed from The Advent, so I helped him
with his label "Phoenix G" first 6 or 7 releases, which helped him get into the scene with a new alias. I did start a label for G Flame releases from NYC Called "Alpha Recordings", I had 4 to 5 releases, then stopped to carry on The Advent as Techno is my first option in Music, so who knows, maybe sooner rather than later you might see a G Flame release!!

Q: Do you prefer a day in the studio or playing a live gig?

A: I could never choose between these two! It has to be both. I prefer in the week  to be in the studio and then at the weekend I like road testing the week's studio work. It’s hard to choose as these days I like to be in the studio and performing as much as possible. 

Q: What are your ambitions for the future?

A: To discover new Talent with that desire and drive that I had back in the day. There are a few good new names to watch out for; Hugo Paixao and Jason fernandes are two young producers that I have been working with in the past year, we started a new label
S.T.G. and they also have new releases on Kombination Research. So there’s still a lot to for fill and accomplish!!

Q:  What makes a good party for you?

A: First the Sound and PA has to be very good and loud, a good Line up, A LOT OF DRINKS, and whatever’s your poison, then the rest is a blur I think... burp!!!

Interview by Robin Ball

The Advent plays live alongside Ben Sims and Mark Broom in room 1 with Justin Robertson & Colin Dale in room 2. Socialeyes and Tilted Disco @ Corsica Studios London, Friday 5th November 2010. Click here for tickets

Friday, 15 October 2010



10pm – 6am
Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London, SE17 1LB
Nearest tube: Elephant & Castle
Tickets: Early Bird £8 Savers £10 / M.O.T.D
Available from


Tilted Disco has breathed some much needed life into the capital’s electronic music scene since it began back in 2004. Over the past six years it has hosted parties all across London and beyond – from Ministry of Sound and The Egg to Glastonbury Festival – teaming up with promotions with the calibre of Tresor, Split, Closer and Hi-Tek Soul. They have played host to some of the world’s most revered techno DJs and live acts. They now team up with Socialeyes one of the newer electronic music nights on the block. Created in 2006 from the Groovepressure & Groove Pleasure labels the Socialeyes parties have been popping up for one-off nights in and around London until finding their home at Corsica studios in 2010. They have hosted a broad spectrum of quality electronic guests from Funk D Void to Bar9, Terry Francis to Elite Force and always pushing open-minded, forward thinking electronic dance music on the best quality sound systems in intimate fun spaces. Socialeyes are proud to team up with Tilted Disco to bring you this heavyweight line up of Djs and live acts;
Ben Sims - Theory/Ingoma
Known as the '3 deck master', 'the human ableton' and 'the machine', Ben Sims is one of the UK’s biggest techno exports and a much in demand producer. Ben has been involved in running 9 labels, a couple of which are on hold at present (Theory, Killabite, Hardgroove, Native, Ingoma, Symbolism, Assembly, KB Records inc, Split Music), each one with a distinctive sound, ranging from hardgroovin’ and funk driven techno and house that is the trademark of his DJ sets, via tribal, to melodic electronica.

The Advent (live) - Kombination Research // Portugal
Advent – a coming, or an arrival; a coming into being or use. Quite an appropriate name for Cisco Ferreira, a man who has played a big part in the creation and development of Techno from the very beginning of this genre’s history. Indeed, his Techno CV is the stuff of legend. Cisco was producing Techno and performing live Techno shows years before the rest of the world had even heard of the genre. He released his first track in 1988, was a pioneer of the Live PA (or Live Public Address – performing Techno live in front of an audience using electronic music gear), and, if all that wasn’t enough, he even worked as the sound engineer on some of Derrick May’s, Adonis & Fingers Inc’s recording sessions!

The list goes on, and so does Cisco. Unlike other Techno pioneers from the early years, Cisco continues to produce with as much passion and frequency as he did back in the day. His releases on Labels Like Tresor, Rotation, Electrix, Kanzleramt, Dj Gigolos, Pure Plastic, Synewave plus many more is just another example of his ongoing pursuit to keep making music and pushing Techno to new boundaries.

Mark Broom – 2020 Vision
Former East Londoner now Norfolk based Mark Broom has always been a name that is synonymous with the UK electronic music scene. A truly prolific artist, he has a myriad of production credits to his name having worked with world renowned labels such as Mo-Wax, Warp, R&S, Soma, Ifach (with Baby Ford ) Bpitch Control, Platzhirsch,Rotary Cocktail, Material and more recently 2020 vision. Producing some of the worlds most exciting dance music Mark is a must for this party.

Justin RobertsonBugged Out
Justin Robertson's tastes have always been catholic though in 2009 you would be hard pushed to find a musician working successfully in areas as diverse as techno, house, dancehall and art pop. Justin is a true modernist: he excels as a DJ of international repute; is a creator of bespoke techno; one third of New Pop band Thee Earls, a remixer for the likes of The Whip, Bjork and Felix Da Housecat and, most recently he has written and produced an album called Silent Life.

Colin Dale - Wildlife-am / Tilted Disco
To call Colin Dale "legendary" is no over-estimation here is an artist that has been one of London's most cutting edge Djs for over 20 years and still continues to surprise and marvel. As resident of Tilted Disco and also a regular at Socialeyes events it's only right to get Colin to rock the dance floor.

Steve Strawberry - Sedition DJs / Tilted Disco
Steve Strawberry is emerging as one of the most passionate and talented young DJs around. Promoter and resident of Tilted Disco his enthusiasm and skill behind the decks have won him much support from both fellow DJs and clubbers alike. Don't be fooled by the light-hearted name either, this guy likes his music rough and tough, and has developed a fresh interpretation of the acid house blueprint.
Robin Ball - Socialeyes /
Robin has been djing since his early teens, he did his first club gig in 1992 and since then has played in clubs from the Uk to Australia alongside all his heroes, in 1997 he started the Groovepressure and Groove Pleasure record labels and club nights which ran right up to 1996 when his newest project Socialeyes was born.
Gus Brown – Mixtape Records
Gus label owner and producer at Mixtape records will be warming up the main room with an alternitive set of Funk, Disco and House.
Info: 07956 375 370 /