Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Interview with Duncan Beiny aka DJ Yoda ahead of his Socialeyes @ Jamm gig 16th December

Hi Yoda I hope you are well. Thanks for agreeing to answer some questions :o)

Q: What first got you into the art of DJ’ing?

A: I guess the music I was listening to as a kid - which was hip-hop and pop, but a lot of it had DJs scratching on it. So I would try and copy it using my parent's hi-fi, which I eventually broke!

Q: I presume you started your DJ career using vinyl what equipment do you use for a dj set now?

A: Pretty simple - still just two turntables and mixer, but now with a laptop running Serato. 

Q: For as long as I’ve known of you there has always been a comical aspect to your sets has this always been the case and how did this come about?

A: It's always been really important to me that my DJ’ing includes some aspects of comedy. I think too many DJs in hip-hop and dance music take themselves too seriously, and forget that their job is to entertain. I'm just as happy to see people laughing on the dance floor as dancing!

Q: You are well known for playing a diverse style of music, do you have an idea what you will be playing before you arrive at a gig?

A: I might have some idea, based on where I am, or what good new music I have - but the best test is just to start and see what the crowd are into. I love that I'm free to DJ like that, as I think a lot of other DJs have been pigeon-holed into a specific genre of music, and I would find that really restricting. 

Q: Is it hard to find a balance between making people smile and making people dance?

A: It's taken many years of practice, and I'm still learning!

Q: How did the ‘How To Cut and Paste’ mix CD series first come about?

A: That was just the style of mix that I've always done - I started making mix tapes for friends, and then started selling them, and they were always in this style of taking loads of different influences and blending them all together to make something new. Eventually I just gave these mixes the "How To Cut & Paste" name. 

Q: What can we expect next from the next in the series?

A: I'm just finishing up a second artist album, so when that's finished I'll turn my attentions to a new Cut & Paste mix. No idea what it will be yet!

Q: How do you plan a cut and paste mix and how does this differ to the way you choose what to play at a gig?

A: It's very different to DJ’ing in a live capacity, because there's no pressure to keep a dance floor full - I can just go off on whatever whim I like. I get together all the tracks and samples that I want to use for the mix, and then it's just like a jigsaw.

Q: Does what you play change much from venue to venue, country to country?

A: Yes - my AV shows are one thing, and my DJ sets are another. So it depends on where I am and what I'm doing. 

Q: What should we expect from a Yoda Christmas themed set?

A: Christmas music, durr! Ha ha, and a bunch of other stuff too. 

Q: What makes a good party for you?

A: A good atmosphere! Everything else is irrelevant!

Thanks Yoda see you on the 16th December

Interview by Robin Ball - http://socialeyesparties.com
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